Homemade Cheese Straw Party Mix - 1 LB

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My homemade party mix is a Fall weather favorite and must have for the holidays. My grandmother Margaret kept a huge container full of this mix with a stack of cups beside it during the months of November and December. Everyone in my family would stop by her house to fill a cup and take it with them for an afternoon snack. Now that she is no longer with us, the dollar store container she used for her "trash" mix is one of my prized possessions. When the cool weather arrives, so do family and friends to fill a cup. The party mix contains 1 pound of a mixture of rice chex cereal, corn chex cereal, wheat chex cereal, cheerios, stick pretzels, peanuts, and pecan halves slow roasted in a secret family worcestershire garlic butter sauce and your choice of either cheddar or pecan cheddar cheese straws. Normally ships within 5 business days but please read the Commonly Asked Questions page on my website.

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