Lemon Sweet Straws

$ 25.00

My homemade lemon sweet cookie straws. Sweet cookie straws are an all time favorite here in the South! My oldest daughter has a sweet tooth so using a variation of my cheese straws recipe she created these lemon sweet straws using zesty lemon blended with cream cheese and butter then covered in powdered sugar. They are great to serve at any holiday gathering, baby shower or wedding shower, or enjoyed with some sweet tea and lemon sherbet. There are approximately 4 straws per ounce so the 6 oz bag has approximately 24 straws and the pound container has approximately 64 straws. If using them for a large group, each 1.25 pound container serves 10 (6 straws per person) to 20 (3 straws per person) people depending on how much other food is also served. Normally ships within 5 business days but please read the Commonly Asked Questions page on my website. If you need them by a certain date, please type a note in the box provided for special instructions at the bottom of the page after you add your selections to your cart. I will contact you by email to confirm your order and date needed.

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