History of the Cheese Straw

One of life’s little pleasures, the versatile cheese straw, is as southern as boiled peanuts, grits, and sweet tea. In the South this addicting, delicious snack is nearly mandatory at all weddings, church potlucks, and bridal and baby showers. This delectable snack pairs great with cocktails, beer, and wine and makes a wonderful replacement for bread or crackers to accompany soups and salads.

According to lore, since cheese has always been imported into the hot, humid South, cheese straws have long been a way of preserving cheese, or at least the cheese flavor. The White House cookbooks from the 1800s even boast a recipe!

Piped from a cookie press and sliced into lengths commonly referred to as “straws,” practically every southern family has a recipe handed down through the generations. So, using my grandmother's recipe and inherited cooking genes, I set out to add my own touch and perfect my favorite snack. They are perfect for the southern hostess to have on hand – that way, she can be ready with the perfect bite to eat for unexpected guests at a moment’s notice.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.