Edit and Cancel Orders or Reorder

I am a small-batch bakery and hand make my cheese straws daily using only premium ingredients. The past years challenges have made sourcing ingredients more difficult so it is not always possible to know exactly when your order will ship. All orders are pre-orders. I also normally keep a waiting list especially during the holidays.  While I do everything possible to ship items in a timely manner, I understand if you would like to cancel your order if it has not shipped. 

You can cancel and receive a full refund of an order that has not been shipped three different ways:

1. On the Order Status/Thank-you Page - orders are directly editable/cancellable using the link provided

2. On the customer account page - log into your account and see account details page for the links to edit, cancel or reorder

3. Order Confirmation/Status emails - there are links at the bottom of the page where customers can view order details and cancel or edit the order