Pecan Cheddar Cheese Straws- 2016 Flavor of Georgia Winner

$ 5.99

My pecan cheddar cheese straws is the 2016 UGA Flavor of Georgia winner in the snack category. It is my most popular cheese straw, original cheddar, with some Georgia pecan pieces added. They are made from scratch by hand daily using only the very best ingredients and are extra cheesy with a kick of spice and hint of pecan. There are approximately 8 straws per oz so the 3 oz box feeds 3 people, the 3.5 oz bag feeds 3-4 people, and the lb containers serves 16 (8 straws per person) to 32 (4 straws per person) people. They are cooked fresh daily and have a 6 month shelf-life unopened. You can also buy them packaged by the pound (lb) which are great for weddings, showers, and parties or just to snack on at home, the beach, lake, or coast. There are approximately 128 straws per lb (16 ozs) so each lb serves 16 (8 straws per person) to 32 (4 straws per person) people depending on how much other food is also served. The whole container can also be put in the freezer so the straws can be enjoyed a few at a time or saved for later. Once the lb container is opened, close the safe-t fresh container tight to keep the air out to retain crispiness. Ships in 2-4 business days.

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