Parmesan Cheese Straws

$ 7.99

My parmesan cheese straws are always a huge hit with their nutty, buttery flavor and are my personal favorite. They are a 2017 UGA Flavor of Georgia Finalist. I love parmesan cheese so developed this recipe using similar proportions of ingredients as my grandmother's recipe that I use for my original cheddar cheese straws. I love eating them with a caesar salad, crab stew, or with a glass of white wine. They are also great crumbled over baked flounder or chicken. There are approximately 8 straws per oz so the 3.5 oz box has approximately 28 straws and the one pound container (16 ozs) has approximately 128 straws. If it is in stock to add to your cart, it is ready to ship. The one pound containers sell fast so check back often to see if they are back in stock. I update the inventory as they are baked, packaged and ready to ship. Most orders ship within 2-3 business days. If you want to preorder any flavor of the pound containers that are currently out of stock, go to Shop Now then Preorders and Special Orders.

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